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Tanning Tips

Prepare your skin prior to tanning

Exfoliate the skin while showering and moisturise well after.

Dry skin reflects Ultra-Violet (U.V.) light so well conditioned skin will take a tan easier and last longer

Know your skin!

Refer to Bronze Age skin chart and follow recommendations not only will this ensure you are tanning in the correct manor but will also get you longer lasting results

Remove Makeup & Cosmetics

To get 100% from tanning remove all make up and cosmetics before tanning

Always use a lotion!

Not only do they contain specialised tanning ingredients they will moisturise nourish and replenish your skin giving you best results.

Did you know!
Healthy skin products could increase the results from a tanning session up to 30 to 40 % depending on your skin type

Always wear googles!

Always wear googles or other eye protection before using any sunbed Never wear contact lenses as they can become damaged by U.V. light

Number of sessions!

To achieve the best tan have regular sessions over a short period remember to start with low min sessions and build your session time up slowly once you have a good colour 2 to 3 sessions a week will help to keep it

No such thing as a fast tan!

Last but not least we say there is no such thing as a fast tan build your colour slowly and always follow staff,s advice you will only tan as fast as your skin allows & never burn ever