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Sunbed Hire FAQs


Q. Can the sunbed be set up in an upstairs room?
A. Yes. The sunbeds come in a number of parts and so can be put together in any room by our driver for you.However please note driver will not put the bed up a fold down attic stairs.
Q. What size are the sunbeds?
A. The stand up sunbeds are similar in size to a single wardrobe. The lie down sunbeds are similar in size to a single bed
Q. Do I need to have someone present to help set the sunbed up?
A. No. Our delivery technician sets up the sunbed and needs no assistance
Q. The Door Panel on my bed does not work or bulbs will not come on.
A. Unplug the sunbed from the wall sockets. Check the white cable connection at the very bottom corner of the door. It may have become loose. Plug it out and plug it back in tight. Then plug the sunbed back in at the wall socket. All panels on your sunbed have this connection at the bottom however, the door one can sometimes come loose due to opening and closing it.99% of the time this solves the problem.
Q. What happens if the bed breaks down?
A. The beds are serviced regularly and should not break down. All of our Stand Up Sunbeds have 2 plugs which must be plugged directly to the wall sockets. Therefore, you must have a double socket in the room in which the bed is to be used and NEVER use an extension lead as this does not have sufficient power to run the bed.In the event of the bed not powering up please try the following:
  • Unplug the bed at the socket. Try plugging in your hairdryer or other electric device to make sure a fuse has not gone in the socket.
  • Plug the bed into another socket to see if it works.
  • Check that there are no tripped switches on your fuse board
  • Are there any other devices drawing power, for example if the dryer is on at the same time and on the same switch that could cause a switch to trip on your fuse board?
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Q. Can other people use the bed?
A. Yes other people can use the bed, however, it is a domestic bed to be used for the purpose of home hire. It should not be sublet.
Q. Will the driver have tanning lotion with him?
A. Only if you have ordered the cream when booking your sunbed
Q. What do I do if I want to keep the bed longer?
A. Call us on freephone 1800 786 233 to book it for longer or email us on It is advised to do so as soon as you can as during peak season your sunbed may be booked out again to another customer and so it may not always be possible to accommodate you.
Q. Can I move the bed?
A. It is advised not to move the sunbed once it has been set up for you as rough handling may damage or loosen the bulbs.
Q. How much electricity can I expect the bed to use?
A. The beds do not use excessive electricity. You can expect to pay 30-40 euro on your electricity bill, based on 1-4 people using the bed. It is good to note that it is the powering up of the bed that uses most electricity.
Q. The bed does not look like I thought it would
A. If you use sunbeds in a store it is widely thought that the commercial sunbeds in the stores are the same as the bed you hire to your home. The beds in a store are for commercial use and would require electrical work to install in a home. The domestic beds are designed for the electrical power found in a house.
Q. How many minutes should I do for each session?
A. There is no such thing as a quick tan. The driver will leave you with a user guide that will advise you on the recommended usage times. For the first week tanners should begin at 2/3 minutes and work up gradually.
Q. I and others using the bed are itching
A. This is called 'prickly heat' and is caused by over exposure on the bed too quickly. Take a 2 day break from the bed and then reduce your tanning time and build up slowly to avoid itching and burning.
Q. I have the bed a week and am not seeing any tan develop
A. It takes the 4 weeks to develop a tan. The first week is done slowly to get your skin used to the UV Light and build a base, the second week you build up slowly your tanning time and develop the base tan. The final 2 weeks begin to colour the skin. This is providing your skin type takes a colour.